Searching for the right skincare line is like seeking Mr. Right, but with Epara Skincare I think I may have found the one, and not just for Christmas either, but for keeps.


Allow me to explain first: my skin has been for  much of my adult life my calling card: glossy, dewy a kind of Godiva Gianduja chocolate kind of hue, no powder required. The kind of nonsense fabulous skin that got you silly guys back in the day when I was single proclaiming: “Wow, you are the darkest girl I’ve ever dated, it must be down to your amazing skin!” (I know, very stupid, but I digress).  As we live in an age of transparency, a throw back snap of my good self in said high season!

Throwback of Life

However, of late things have not been quite as picture perfect. Age, stress, small-small sleep deprivation here and there, plenty screen work, and not enough Vitamin D from the great outdoors has rendered me with all the grim markers that one doesn’t want to cheer about. Dark circles (sad face), lineage around the eyes (double sad face) and a general feeling of dryness around my jawline ( pass me the box of tissues as I weep). Add to this the need for full-on sunscreen as I live in the tropics full time now, but a determination bordering on obsessive not to have that weird chalky white shimmer that you get in most skin-care lines with sun-screen, luxury ones included (because, hey, they are assuming the products are going on white skin – but we’ll leave chat about that for another day) and one can feel at a stasis.

Enter stage left or rather in a rather chic monochrome canvas tote, my swag bag of products from Epara which is available in Alara and can be ordered online at I was always intrigued by the story behind the brand: Oxford trained financier turned Beauty Mogul Ozohu Adoh not only saw a gap in the market but sought to fill it with the best of the best, a luxury skincare line for women of colour.

Ozohu Adoh, Founder of Epara Skincare

This is the first of a series of posts (well, if  I am really going to road-test it, one has to chart transformation over a period of time, no?) but today I want to focus on two things: moisture and cost.

Hero Product of the Week

If there is one thing that is critical for skin whatever your baseline  (oily, dry, combination), and becomes non-negotiable post your 30th birthday it’s moisture. It is dry skin that gets wrinkly faster, it’s dry skin that looks the most dull and lifeless, and it is dry skin that will need a ton more product once the make up  routine gets  going to become of a standard. Furthermore, it is dry skin that flakes and requires a filter at all times when uploaded for public consumption on the ‘gram. So, instead of this wahala, a good moisturiser, as good as you can possibly find is not just a nice-to-have, but an essential. Why so? Because it is doing all this work and more. It is the building blocks, if you are a make-up wearer for everything that comes after and if you are not it is what you are presenting the world with. I am loving  Epara’s Moisturising Face Cream because it more than delivers on the moisture requirements but it also has a sun-screen, that miracles of miracles doesn’t leave one looking chalky courtesy of zinc oxide.

Ultimate All Day, Every Day Moisture Spritz


If you are someone who lives for being dewy 24-7 you can also opt for the Hydrating Mist which doubles up as the most elegant way to ‘wake up’ skin, plus, if you are on  a flight this and a packet of mints is all you need to stay and feel fresh the other side.

So let’s talk about money because Epara is not cheap. In fact it is planet £100 a pot of cream or N45,000 give or take exchange rate fluctuation. Is it value for money? Why the expense? Surely you can use cheaper products and get the same results? Let me be real here,  I don’t own an oil block or possess a mining concession either, but I do know the importance of  looking after one’s skin. It is literally the largest organ on the body, and unlike this season’s freak’em dress, it-bag or slay-shoe, it’s with you for life. Furthermore, the Epara team have not spared any expense in the ingredients. We have Moringa Oil from Kenya, Argan Oil from Morocco and Marula Oil from South Africa blended to respond to the specific requirements of black women’s skin. As I said before, I think this may be ‘The One’ but it’s early days and I will keep all you Bella Stylistas posted!

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