New York-based Nigerian-American beauty and lifestyle blogger – Eni Popoola‘s content creation journey came as an offshoot of her passion for decking up on Sundays. Because she often had a busy week, Sundays were the only days Eni got enough time to dress up as she loved. 

Growing up she wore uniforms to school for her entire educational career. Being a New Yorker and church girl, Sundays became a day to show out in her best outfits and she said she loved that. Hit the ▶ button below to watch Eni do her thing:

During her College days, fashion was a little more casual and she missed her extraordinary style of wearing clothes, which she had become accustomed to in New York City (NYC). After graduating from Harvard in 2017 and moving back home to NYC, Eni was excited to be back at it again at church on Sundays with her family. 

She would ask one of my brothers to snap a photo of her outfit to post on the gram (for fun) and after a year of consistently doing so, she started a blog to share everything she was experiencing in life as a recent college grad Black woman in her 20s. Here we are 5 years later, with her social media accounts and blog named after this beautiful journey and adapted to her first name – @enigivensunday and 

This time, Eni rocks a cream bodycon feather-detailed long-sleeved dress with a bold collar and defined shoulders. She paired it with feather-detailed shoes of the same colour, a pretty nude pink purse, red and black print sunnies and simple gold jewellery, her lengthy hair worn in a sleeky straight style. Scroll and swipe to see more: