Despite all the changes this year, one of the few things that won’t change is how fashionable denim will always be. Regardless of the weather, denim pieces have proven to be always-in- season, closet staples you don’t want to miss out on. Check out these super gorgeous styling ideas and let me know your faves.

Blazer + Denim

Oversized blazers and denim pants are like rice and beans, or roasted yam and oil (or plantain…whichever way you swing). This uber-chic combo will never go out of style- just choose out of many trending variations (vintage denim, bootcut, mom or dad jeans), accessorize to your heart’s satisfaction and hit the road, baby girl!


Cousin to denim pants would be denim jumpsuits. They’re just so fabulous and easy (except when it’s time for a bathroom break..smh). You can also opt for a fun DIY embellishment like the yellow frills pictured here (you know that clothing item in your closet you just haven’t found a reason to wear?….at least now you can put it to good use).

Slip Dress + Denim Jacket

If you’re into slip dresses (midis are my fav), denim jackets can serve as a functional piece during hot summer days (apparently some buildings can only either set the temperature to super cold in the summer, leaving some of us to freeze even though it’s burning hot outside!) I also love to throw them over my shoulder for absolutely non-functional reasons – I just love the look.


I’m obsessed with shorts these days – especially Bermuda shorts! And the great thing is, they go with a lot of different pieces (puffy sleeve tops, asymmetric tops, blazers, ribbed tanks, muscle tees, should I keep going?). I find myself styling them with mules or chunky sneakers (my go-to summer 2020 shoes).

Your turn. Which of these denim styling ideas is your fav?