Edward Enninful is the cover star of the Guardian Weekend magazine’s latest issue. The Ghanaian and first black editor of British Vogue tells the British publication what it was like having the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle guest edit the glossy magazine’s September issue.

Every single day we were having secret meetings in my office. We were just grateful for each day that went by without a leak.

When the magazine came out, I spoke to everybody we’d kept in the dark, explaining that it wasn’t personal. But I understood that the fewer people who knew, the better. For the people in the know, they couldn’t even tell their partners. Having to keep it quiet like that didn’t compare to anything I’d done before.

The editor of the British fashion bible also says that some of the criticisms of the September issue particularly targeted towards the Duchess were racist.

Actually it was more than racism. I thought it was personal – attacking someone you don’t know, attacking her.

Enninful also gets candid about how he got into fashion.

When we lived in Ghana, my mother had been busy making clothes for everyone in high society. But once we got to London it went to another level. I was her favourite – a sensitive creature, the gay one. We were always sketching together, and I learned how to construct clothes.

Lensed by Sebastian Nevols, the fashion editor rocks a two-piece blue suit with an off-white shirt. He wore his signature glasses and posed with his dog Ru Enninful.

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