For Style Your Curves today we have someone who refers to herself as “Your Curvy Slay Queen” on her Instagram page, and it’s none other than hairstylist, YouTuber and influencer, Edee Beau.

Although it can be difficult for curvy girls to find the right pair of jeans, Edee Beau has cracked the code with her choice of Fashion Nova Curve jeans and blue is quite a popular colour for her amongst others like black or white.

Here’re a few curvy girl tips from Edee on how to rock your blue denim pieces.

1. Jeans

Wear it with a jacket, T-shirt or simple button down shirt for a semi-formal look. Wearing ripped jeans is also a great way to make a statement with your denim look.

Top: Simply Be

2. Shorts

Perfect for Summer with sandals or thigh-high boots on colder days.

3. Skirts

Highlight your waist with a tucked in shirt and a belt or a wrap top like Edee in her black off-shoulder top and denim mini skirt. Another great way to make a statement with denim is with a full denim look aka the Canadian suit.

4. Dresses

As simple as one step, a denim dress is such an easy pull. Add some colour with red shoes like this curvy BellaStylista. Denim goes well with lots of other colours so the options are endless.

FashionNova curve

5. Jackets

This piece needs no introduction. It’s probably one of the most popular denim choices for most BellaStylistas (after jeans), it goes with almost anything!

Fashion Nova Curve

Photo Credits: @edeebeau