If like us you are working from home, webcam meetings have become a major part of your week. We’re not complaining though, wearing pajamas all-day and working while binge-watching Netflix shows is the life! However, most teams are actively staying in touch through video calls/conference meetings and this won’t let us off the hook appearance-wise.

Apart from looking put together and serious-minded, dressing up and getting your face primped does something within that gets you in a good mood! We found Kelechi Mgbemena‘s latest beauty tutorial and it is the perfect regime to slap on right before any conference call to have you looking smart and ready to work – virtually.

Kelechi says:

In this video, I challenged myself to do a 15-minute full makeup routine while using a timer and it turned out looking amazing. So if you have ever wanted to have a quick and easy everyday makeup routine for work I am going to be showing you how to achieve that, this is also perfect for a woman of colour (WOC).

Watch the video below