Premium Whiskey Brand, Johnnie Walker and Nigerian minimalist workwear brand, This Is Us are celebrating the fusion of creativity and fashion with the new Walk With Us capsule collection.

The collection which is a product of the impressive collaboration between both brands was crafted from homegrown Funtua cotton, dyed with African indigo to honour Doers and Dreamers who Keep Walking, i.e. those who exemplify the relentless spirit of Johnnie Walker, taking bold strides in shaping the future of their dreams.

These designs echo Nigeria’s cultural heartbeat. Hit the ▶ button below to watch:

It’s difficult to believe how far we’ve come with this. When we set out on our first exploration to find local cotton, we didn’t know what we were doing and where it would lead us. We just took the first step, and the next step, and then many more next steps towards a very simple vision.

It’s great to arrive at a point where the world can see the vision, and even when they can’t see it, subscribe to it. And to have gotten here completely sticking to our script. In little ways, we are already exceeding our dreams and we’re grateful for our community of dreamers and doers for believing in us.

This Is Us, via Instagram

Swipe through the carousel below to see some pieces from the collection:

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Film Director: @abbatmakama
Photographer: @danieluwaga
Styling: @ucheuba
Talents: @ayo_l@bubuogisi , Francis Gbadamosi, Nike Ademuyiwa, @heauxmosapiens , @tusharhathi
Concept: @oromatherapy