Cameroonian-Nigerian stylista, entrepreneur, singer, and DJ Dencia graces GLAMOUR Magazine Bulgaria cover in brilliant colours.

Dencia has captured the hearts of fashionistas with her unique sense of style and unwavering passion for self-expression. This cover feature is a testament to her incredible journey and impact on the fashion industry.


Shot at her Calabasas home, the cover image encapsulates Dencia’s magnetic presence and showcases her as a true fashion icon. With every detail meticulously curated, from the stunning wardrobe to the impeccable styling, this cover is a visual masterpiece that will leave readers in awe.

In the exclusive feature, readers will delve into Dencia’s fashion journey, gaining valuable insights into her creative process, inspirations, and aspirations as a cover girl. Her story is one of determination, authenticity, and the relentless pursuit of dreams, making her an inspiration to all who aspire to make their mark in the world of fashion.


As the June 2024 issue of GLAMOUR Magazine hits the stands, fashion enthusiasts and admirers of Dencia alike will be treated to a visual feast that celebrates individuality, empowerment, and the transformative power of fashion, music & beauty. Catch a glimpse of Dencia’s conversation with GLAMOUR below:

How do you balance your music career with your other ventures as an entrepreneur and fashion designer?

Balancing my music career with my other ventures can be quite a juggling act, but it’s all about prioritizing and managing my time effectively especially because I’m very hands-on with everything I do & I micro-manage everything because I believe I’m literally the only one who can really execute my vision.

I have a mission, driven by a vision of a different version. I am extremely intelligent, like genius intelligent compared to most people so it’s hard to give full control of anything to people which tends to be a lot of work for me but being the genius that I am, I easily get things done.

In the last few years, I have done less music due to my health because with music you have to physically be available to promote it. I feel like if I’m not gonna be able to do that, there’s no need to be releasing records back to back, but I make sure that a few times a year, I put out a single that’s really fun.



With fashion, I have always been doing it. I have a lot of stylists who reach out to me all the time to get clothes, shoes or other fashion items for other celebrities. I live around a lot of celebrities who are constantly working so it’s easy for them to take things from me so I keep designing things for pulls & rentals.

I enjoy DJing more these days because it requires less physical and mental work than recording music, going on tour and promoting. I went to DJ school in 2017 so when I can, I enjoy DJ’ing because I like to play music that I love personally and it’s always just so much fun.

But in general, my cosmetics empire has grown so big. I feel like focusing more on expanding my cosmetic empire, which has longevity and I can pass it on to the next generation and continue creating generational wealth like the Lancôme’s of the world.

It’s easier for me and much more important for me so I focus more on that, it’s one of my main things right now. I don’t have to be physically there, but my brain is constantly working, so it just puts me in the place where that is my top priority.

My goal is for my cosmetic empire to keep expanding. I have an amazing team that supports it physically & I do the creative part allowing me to focus on creating music when needed, designing fabulous clothes and shoes, and pursuing a DJ career & other entrepreneurial endeavours.


How does fashion influence your music and vice versa?

Fashion and music have a symbiotic relationship in my life. They both serve as powerful forms of self-expression and allow me to showcase my creativity and personality.

The vibrant colours, bold patterns, and unique styles in my fashion designs often find their way into the visuals and aesthetics of my music, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for my fans. I fell in love with fashion before music.

I grew up watching MTV red carpets all the way from Cameroon and every time I saw Lil Kim and other celebrities on the red carpet back in the day, I was like “I wanna be like that, I wanna wear that, I wanna be on that red carpet too, dressed like that” and that just really went hand in hand with music more than anything else that I wanted to do.

There’s no music without fashion and there’s no fashion without music. Think about it. The runway shows need music; the music videos need fashion. It’s a relationship that’s made in art heaven.

You have several different skincare brands. Tell us more about your beauty journey.

I grew up with a grandmother who is very much into Glam. Watching her and learning from her, she is literally a “GlamMa” to this day at 78 years old. She will wear her makeup and do all the skin care every day and it was amazing as a child watching her.

She is so gorgeous and it just made me want to be like her and she’s big on skin care. She’s big on natural organic stuff. She’ll make all these natural concoctions and use them on her skin every day. Those things were really inspiring so I feel like watching her do all of those things just drew me towards the cosmetic industry.

I also grew up being like a glam girl. I love to dress up. I love to be nicely moisturized and wear lip gloss/lipstick. I was not very big on makeup. Growing up, it was more skincare, gloss & hair so being that I went to a boarding school, there was not much we could do with makeup and hair so we focused more on having nice skin.


Photography by Jorge Duva @jorgeduva
Model: Dencia @iamdencia
Executive Producers: Pursia Brassen @pursiaofficial Raymani Zaloumis @raymani
Makeup by Chris Amore @chrisamore_
Коса: Mirlande Alexandre @mimihairstylists
Nails by: CYNTHIA GUTIERREZ @harmonienails
Assistant Stylist: Joey Escarzaga @joey.eskarzaga
Art Director: @timessquareevents
Margarita Guevera Suimay Lee @suimaylee
Djitech: German Aristizabal
Assistant Photographer: Cory Hackbarth
Lighting by Hugo Arvizu @arvizu_arts