5 Useful Tips for Decluttering your Wardrobe Sustainably

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One thing we have been stressing all through our #BNSDeclutterDonate campaign is staying green by buying used or vintage clothing, as well as donating or swapping the no longer needed fashion items.

Getting rid of excess clothes that no longer serve you is a byproduct of the green-friendly movement. Decluttering your closet can also help save you time and give you clarity on your own personal style.

As much as it is necessary to declutter by having fewer fast-fashion clothes and only keeping things you truly treasure (especially when it comes to our wardrobe), you also need to think about where your unloved items end up.

We have 5 tips below on how to declutter your wardrobe effectively and more sustainably.

Get everything out

One of the biggest challenges to creating a more minimal and environmentally friendly wardrobe is the initial process of taking inventory of everything that you own (especially if you own a lot). It can be tempting to skip this step, don’t. Acknowledging your possessions is extremely important in the decluttering process.

Donate or sell 

Having decided which clothes you want to keep and which you can happily part with, it’s time to donate to a charity organization or sell to a second-hand store. Before donating, make sure these clothes are in tip-top shape.


We shouldn’t have every item in the donation pile. Some pieces are too stained, worn, or extremely sentimental to pack up for resale or donation. Plus, sorting through inappropriate donations can waste a charity’s valuable time. Your best bet: Find a clever new use for these unwearable items by cutting, dyeing or changing a piece to give it a new purpose.

Try to make better fashion choices

Avoid impulse purchases and think twice before buying something. Ask yourself if it is something you really need. It’s important to invest in quality garments that will last you longer.

Reevaluate regularly

Whether it’s on a bi-monthly or an annual basis, commit to taking inventory of your wardrobe. If you feel the need to make a new purchase try swapping out a piece that no longer serves you. Maintenance is an important part of creating a more minimal and environmentally friendly closet.

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