Grooming the modern man? It’s about time! Gone are the days when men were expected to throw on anything without making any effort so they don’t seem too into their looks. Before now, being stylish or seen as one wasn’t a ‘thing’ for most men but in recent times it’s been such a delight to see. Whoever thought a day will come when men will tick all the style boxes? It’s happening and it’s so good. Like yummy good!

The modern man isn’t leaving any style tip untouched, it’s in the details and we love to see it. Besides, a well-dressed man can do just about anything and again, it’s in details and even more details.

It’s in Colours

Grey, black, white and other dark/dull shades are not necessarily just men’s colours anymore. These days men burst style moves in red, emerald, purple and more solid colours. It’s not unusual to see a man in a coloured suit anymore and the bolder and stylish the better. The Dillion collection features an array of exquisitely tailored suits in colours and accents as much as the modern man can dare to rock.

It’s in Textures

The modern man doesn’t play it safe anymore, he styles with every piece in mind. He takes on textured fabrics, he wears his suits with bold stripes, he’s not afraid to explore velvet lapels on his suits or go all the way with a three-piece suit crafted to perfection.

The Details

Gone are the days of dull pocket squares or bland matchy ties. The conventional man wears his pocket squares in colours and prints, wears ties in paisley, his socks are coloured, his cufflinks are bolder.

All-round Stylish

When he does casual style, it is with precision and such sharpness. He’s dressed down with finesse, think a trucker jacket with matching pants paired with sneakers. Even when he’s relaxed, at home he lounges in stylish pieces. His loungewear is finely tailored and picked in the best of fabric, colour and fit. His inner slim fit vest caressing his rich frame is sweat-proof made from Supima cotton for 100% protection against visible underarm sweat for day-long freshness, his pyjamas are handpicked in style; all details only the modern man will explore.

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