It’s another edition of our favourite columns here on BN StyleDavid Tlale’s Lifestyle Loves! If you missed our original interview with him, click here to read all about what’s next for the man behind the South African megabrand.


What are your top three dishes to eat?

From jollof rice and chicken to plantain, Pasta dombolo, hard body chicken and vegetables always feels like home.  A creamy pasta  is a favourite go to for every day

What are your top three activities to do when you’re off duty or for self-care?

I really enjoy being out and about with the people that I love and care for. Going to the theatre with friends and hosting friends at the Lonely Hearts in Melville. Entertaining and dining at the Melrose Arch African Pride Hotel.


Who are your top three designers (bar yourself obviously)?

Karl Lagerfeld forever. John Galliano. Clive Rundle


What are your three favourite films, TV Series, and books?



Tom Ford – Tom Ford

No Limits – John C. Limits

Standout – Marcus Buckingham


Favourite films

Creed II

The Devil Wears Prada

Crazy Rich Asians


TV Series

The Intern by David Tlale


The River 

What are your top three travel destinations?

New York