Daniel Kaluuya is glistening on the July 15 cover of The Hollywood Reporter, and we are obsessed!


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In this issue, Daniel Kaluuya opens up about re-teaming with Jordan Peele on an upcoming project titled Nope after collaborating on Get Out, a project that changed the trajectory of both their lives and career. He also speaks on why he’s recalibrating his career and rethinking certain aspects.

The Academy award-winning actor also touches on everything from the surprising news that he won’t be returning for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, losing Chadwick Boseman, being at the end of a chapter in his career, his sibling relationship with Nope co-star Keke Palmer and much more.

Regrading his split time between Los Angeles and London for work and living, he admits depending on his mood and his work schedule that,

I got some dough, I don’t got kids. I can go back and forth. People make big moves out here. That’s really inspiring to me.

The Nope leading man also admitted common patterns of fame and its implication concerning a rumour regarding his management and representation saying:

It showed me that I was in a paradigm of fame. An unnamed, unverified source has more credibility than what is actually said and the truth of the situation. Like, Wow! so a bunch of people decided it’s happening, then it’s happened?’ And it’s like, well, that’s not what’s happened.

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