If you needed a fitness pick-me-up, this is it! Danai Gurira makes a case for Strong & Sexy as she covers Women’s Health Magazine July/August 2018 issue.

In her interview with the magazine, the 40-year-old actress talks about how she manages to keep fit, the global success of the Marvel movie, and her new project.

For the feature, Danai shows off her enviable bod in different shots rocking a swimsuit and surfing gear.

Read excerpts below:

On the global success of Black Panther: It kind of affirms that little African Girl’s instinct that these stories would resonate if they were told with passion, integrity, and excellence.

On helping other find themselves: The struggles of women and girls is something that I’m very passionate about. I have to do what I can in the world. We all have to do what we can.

On her healthy diet: My mom wouldn’t let me leave the table until I’d eaten it. Somehow that worked its way into me feeling like I have to eat spinach. And now I love spinach – I mean, I love spinach. I want it in my smoothies, I want it on the side, I want it with my meals.

On her four times a week workout routine: Sometimes it’s so intense I can’t remember what we did. If I haven’t worked out, if I haven’t exercised and connected with my body in some way, it chips away at my feeling of well-being. As women, we’re not always encouraged to find the full extent of our physical power. There’s something so exciting about tapping into that part of ourselves.

On her advice to young people: There’s no app for skipping hard work; you have to seek your purpose and pursue it.

Read the full feature here.