Fast-rising Afrobeat sensation Charles Chibueze Chukwu popularly known as Crayon is the latest cover star for Accelerate TV’s ‘The Cover’ September Edition.


Styled in a yellow leather ensemble and striking dark sunglasses, the King of the Butterfly Dance radiates nothing but bright energy and gratitude rocking his adorned centre-parted braids.

In this issue, the Overdose singer speaks about his musical journey and how much he is buzzing to share more talent with the world. From his December plans to his most surreal moments, you’ll discover just how thankful he is to be where he is today.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

On the type of music, he makes

I call it Afrobeats. I have this crazy ideology in my head about Crayon. When you get a pack of crayons, you’re going to find different colours inside. That’s how my music is. Different sounds in one. I like to experiment. I love to try new things but mainly it’s Afrobeats. Afrobeats is the biggest genre in the world right now.

On contributing to the music industry

I bring sincerity in my lyrics and in the way I connect with my fans and approach my music. I bring colour to the music. I am painting everywhere right now and it feels good. There’s nobody like Crayon and there will never be another Crayon. I also bring different elements like words from the street and try different producers. I like to tap into different cultures with my sound. That’s why I’ve made collaborations with different people from different regions. I’ve made songs with Tessellated from Jamaica, Kelvyn Boy from Ghana and Kalash from France.

On the most surreal moment in his career.

That’s a lot. I feel like the reception that came from Overdose when it dropped one that’s mind-blowing, the numbers as well. So far, for me, this year has been shocking to me. If anyone had told me I was going to be a top 5 artiste this year and have a number
1 record…it’s crazy. I am happy and excited. It took me like three years to get to this point where the whole world is paying attention to me. I don’t take it for granted.

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