UK Based streetwear company Cool African Merch is out with a new collection. Tagged Stay Home, the vibrant capsule collection features statement sweatshirts Tshirts and hoodies with popular Nigerian words/slangs written on them.

According to the brand:

Colour, Culture, and Care are the three themes governing CoolAfrican SS/2020 “Stay Home Capsule”. Our choices of bright pallet garments haven’t been more relevant than this moment in human history, where isolation has been the core message of the world, we have gone inverse to focus our attention on pan-Africanism, blaring tones and self-care through our Afrocentric enthused designs revolving around the ideological concept of “Unification to Conquer”.

See the full collection below

Brand: @coolafricanmerch
Stylist: @tjconnects
Photography: Ayotimoty & Aji