Vibrant colours are making a much-needed comeback all over Instagram this season in time for Spring 2022. Bringing colour into your wardrobe is the perfect way of boosting your mood and recharging your spirit.

On Instagram, finding ways of combining unexpected colours has been popular among our favourite BellaStylistas. We have reposted many colour combo outfits that we honestly cannot get enough of. It can be as simple as matching colours you didn’t think would work together but somehow do, and it automatically creates a statement-making look.

Ahead, we break down some of the best colour combinations we have spotted on the app so far. And give you all the needed inspiration to infuse colour into your wardrobe for this season and beyond.

Three Colour Rule

The three colour rule is about blending a maximum of three colours into one outfit to ensure it all matches. For example, pair a sage top with magenta pants and a beige bag.


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Monochrome Goodness

When it comes to colourful monochrome ensembles, you don’t need every item to match perfectly. Pairing different shades of the same colour wheel always add that extra oomph. Whether it’s separate pieces or an ombre look, you will be the centre of attention.

Think Orange

If there is a bright colour that never goes out of style, it has to be orange. As they say, it is the new black. The colour will freshen up any outfit (and elevate your mood). Pair with green, red, neutral tones, and you have got yourself an eye-catching look.

Accessorize With Perfectly Coordinated Colours

If combining vibrant pieces is overwhelming. You can choose to keep things minimal by pairing colourful and fashionable accessories to elevate your look. Accessories can make or break your overall ensemble. So, when deciding how to accessorize to create perfectly colour-coordinated outfits, always consider style, scale, and of course, colour.

Go Green

Green is the colour that’s been everywhere recently, and it can elevate your outfit and make you stand out in all the right ways. What’s better than a bright green piece? A bright outfit! Pair green with hues such as yellow, orange, pink or blue to make a statement.


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