Prior to a trip to Paris, London based Zambian Youtuber and natural hair guru Chuma Soko created an awesome video on a no fuss way to do faux locs and you know we had to share!


On her Instagram she shared:

Issa baecation protective style ??‍♀️
I was in two minds about either getting braids or locs done until I watched a couple of my videos where I struggled and successfully achieved full loong goddess locs so I most def had to do them again but this time with less effort ?
So I decided to go with a short look. Out of pure laziness I made enquiries about getting them done professionally, got quoted £130 and due to currently being #funemployed that wasn’t going to be an option ☺️
A visit to the hair shop and 4pks of hair later, I got the job done in half the time ??
I actually enjoyed the process and would most def do them again.
Before anybody else asks, guys I’m a semi-pro at doing my own hair but I’m not a hairstylist please ?
I do a great job at consulting though and there is always a how to video that follows, so watch the videos and drop me a line and I’m always happy to help