French shoe designer Christian Louboutin is again collaborating with Idris and Sabrina Elba for a second release of their footwear collection, Walk A Mile In My Shoes, a partnership dedicated to diversity and inclusion and born of 2020’s social and racial justice activism movement. Together, they created a specially curated capsule collection from which 100% of the proceeds from sales benefitted five organizations supporting social equality worldwide.

Sabrina Elba took to Instagram to share the good news:

We’re back!!! I’m so so excited to announce our second collection with @louboutinworld, Walk A Mile In My Shoes II

The collection is an invitation to celebrate hope, empathy, and diversity and support education, the creative arts, and youth empowerment with 100% of the proceeds from the sales donated to six charities across the globe. So buy a pair and support!!! Let me repeat, 100% of proceeds from sales go to our handpicked grassroots organizations.

Just as the first capsule launched a year ago, 100% of the proceeds from “Walk a Mile in My Shoes Season II” will be donated to grassroots organizations supporting social equality. This year, Louboutin and the Elbas partnered to fund six programs centred on education, the arts and youth empowerment, with funding in the U.S. focusing on Art Start, a New York-based organization dedicated to supporting marginalized youth.

The new collection is comprised of 13 different footwear styles along with three handbags, all available through the Christian Louboutin site.