Need to get in shape this new year and drop some pounds especially, after the holidays and quarantine weight gain? Look no further, beauty Youtuber Chizi Duru has you covered.

In this video, Chizi reveals how she lost some weight after experiencing discomfort with her weight gain, her diet change, her workout routine, and so much more.

She wrote:

WEIGHTLOSS TIPS I Used! Swapped juice & sodas for water only (Up to a gallon a day)  Made more home-cooked meals and reduced eating out  Work out 4x week for 30 min- 1 hour (Cardio & Strength Training)  Use WW to track meals, workouts, and support my overall wellness journey  Be patient! Weight Loss is a journey and won’t happen overnight. Learn to love your body at its current state and keep making choices to get you to your goals. You got this!

Check out the video here: