Chef Lola’s Kitchen shared this delicious recipe for some home made raisin bread on her website and Youtube. Trust us when we say it looks absolutely scrumptious!

On her Youtube channel she shared:

Hello everyone, It’s Lola here again I welcome you back to my kitchen today I’m going to be showing you how I make this super soft fluffy and chewy raisin bread rolls in less than two hours so if you like homemade bread rolls as much as I do please stay tuned and see how I make it. I’m going to start by proofing my yeast and I’m going to be adding some sugar inside my bowl together with some yeast and I’ll be adding my warm milk give that a good mix and I’ll be setting it aside now. I’m going to be measuring out my flour today I’m using the bread flour I prefer the results in texture over using all-purpose flour however you can use all-purpose flour if you still get a very beautiful result after … as usual all the links to the detailed recipe can be found in the description box below also next time I’ll talk to you should be enjoy thank you for watching guys I’m about in my bread.

You can check out the full recipe on her website.