One thing that excites us about style is how one thing can be put together in various ways. Fashion, much like love, is a universal language but how you interpret it or how you speak the language is where style comes in.

To highlight this, we’ve started this series called Trend Trial.

Trend Trial features two BellaStylistas trying out one trend and making it work in a chic way. For every body type, every occasion, every height, curve and style preference, we’re speaking the language of fashion the BellaStylista way.

For this first edition, Ivie and Eki are going blue this Chrismas – forget the reds, golds and greens. ?  Pale blue and cobalt blue are our colours for Christmas this year, Ivie and Eki have tried on the same fit and flare silhouette with a touch of sexy – Ivie’s dress with a low cut V neckline and Eki’s with an exposed back and cross straps.


I never shy away from colour, even in the deep dark of winter when most people veer towards neutrals. But the holiday season is the one time I don’t have to be shy about it. Ko mo le! So for one of the many Christmas parties being thrown, I wore this halter neck, fit and flare scuba dress, in one of my favourite hues – pale blue. ‘Tis the season, so you know I had to throw some red in there, and if it looks like Santa’s coat? All the better! I do love me some extravagant outerwear. I added some gold pumps, statement earrings and my personal go-to dark purple lips. Looove MAC’s Smoked Purple.

Trix – when wearing multiple colours, always have some element tie it together. ‘Cos you can go from fun to we-ray real quick. For example, I chose a dark purple lip not just because it’s my go-to, but because it tied in with the earrings. For my shoes, I went gold. Again to go with the earrings, also because metallics are a neutral (quote me on that b!) You might have been tempted to go black, don’t do it. Pastels and black rarely lead to good things. There you have it #BellaStylistas, my take on holiday style.

My dress is from ASOS, Coat is from H&M, Earrings are Zara and Shoes are Jimmy Choo. Catch me on Instagram here.


For Christmas this year I wanted to do something different, I’m usually very traditional with Ankara or a red/green outfit. I got this dress from Bibi Lawrence in one of my favourite colours, cobalt blue. The fit of the dress is my favourite silhouette, something free and fun to party in that won’t leave you too self-conscious about your food baby (belly) with all that yummy Christmas food up for chops.

I’m not really a shoe gal but for this look, I couldn’t decide. Should I got all monochrome and use the same colour shoes or should I add a little print/colour with floral print shoes? I couldn’t decide so maybe you can help me? Leave a comment below and let me know which you prefer.

My hair is the same jumbo braid ponytail (by O’Naturals) I had for The Wedding Party 2 premiere, with my Jasmine inspired makeup look.

For makeup, because the dress is in such a bright colour, I opted to keep things very simple eyeliner and my Calmist Luxurious Lipgloss from Zaron Cosmetics.