For centuries, Black women have been pioneers in braid styles, utilizing them as a powerful symbol of cultural heritage and individual self-expression. Beyond their functional purpose of providing protection, braids have found their way into popular culture throughout the years.

A refreshing movement has emerged on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, spearheaded by a new generation of braiders. Their mission is to infuse a contemporary and innovative essence into the timeless art of box braids.

Whether it’s the influence of influential celebrities, a nostalgic nod to the ’90s, or a means to manage natural hair while embracing boundless creativity and aesthetics, braids are destined to continue their growth and be revered as a captivating art form in their own right.

Ahead, find 5 braid trends to bookmark for your next appointment.

French Curl Braids

French curl braids, distinct from the conventional Western French braid, offer a unique variation within the realm of box braids.
The key differentiating factor lies in the choice of braiding hair. For French curl braids, the hair selected is already pre-curled, featuring lovely loose ringlets at the ends. It’s similar to regular knotless box braids, except the hair carries a naturally curly texture, adding an enchanting dimension to the overall look.

Boho Braids/ Gypsy braids/Goddess braids

These hairstyles essentially refer to the same style, but they may be known by different names depending on who you are speaking to. 

They are curly box or knotless braids with curly hair braided into the braids to give a soft, fuller, and voluminous look. The result is a captivating fusion of braids and curls, providing a unique look. With Boho Braids, you can select and personalize the desired curl pattern ( water wave or loose wave), tailoring it to your preferences.

Raindrop Braids

Raindrop braids represent an elevated version of knotless braids, showcasing a distinct and captivating aesthetic. These braids incorporate a special touch by incorporating translucent beads strategically throughout the hairstyle. This placement creates an enchanting illusion, resembling the graceful descent of raindrops. The result is a truly unique and eye-catching look that sets Raindrop braids apart.

Flip-over Fulani braids

Flip-over Fulani braids are a variation of the traditional Fulani braids, characterized by a distinct flipping technique. In this style, the braids are initially created on one side of the head and then flipped over to the opposite side, allowing the braids to cascade beautifully across the forehead or along the hairline.


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Half Weave Half Braids

Half weave, half braids, also known as half braided hairstyles, combine elements of both braids and weaves. This style involves braiding a portion of the natural hair while leaving the remaining section styled with a weave or hair extensions.

Typically, the braided portion is created at the roots, starting from the scalp and extending for a certain length. The rest of the hair, usually the mid-lengths to ends, is blended or integrated with a weave or hair extensions. Allowing for added length, volume, and versatility in styling options.