For years, March 8th has marked the celebration of women all over the world!  While we celebrate ourselves and the progress made tomorrow, as well as echo the long way we still have to go with regards to gender equality (in different aspects), it is also an important time to reflect on an individual level.

This is why at BellaNaija Style we are celebrating all month long with #BNSWomensMonth .

IWD is a wonderful opportunity to recognize and celebrate those phenomenal women in the society, look back at where we are coming from, support fellow women and raise awareness for the many issues around gender equality.

In honour of the day, we asked four millennial women what IWD means and why it is important to celebrate tomorrow and all through the month.

Bella Adeleke

Creative Entrepreneur, Founder of The Garbe Life and Stylist

I think IWD defeats the purpose of equality if I am honest. Yes, it’s a man’s world and the fight for equality begun long before I was born.

Right now, in this time and space, IWD is a reminder for me to educate the opposite sex on the value of equality, of holding women to the same standard as men especially when it comes to views, ideologies, and ethical values. Women should be celebrated every day. Regardless

Chidera Muoka

Writer, Creative Director/Consultant, and Editor Guardian LifeNG

International Women’s Day this year means hope. The theme for this year is “Balance for Better” and I say hope because every year we drive a conversation not just for women empowerment or celebrating strong women, but touching on issues and creating platforms that are building a new generation of women.

So yes, hope! Hope for a better woman and understanding of the value of a woman in every sector of society.

Uzo Ukegbu

Founder, ANKA Style Guide and Co-editor, The Anchor Room

Most times our silence in tough situations requires obedience. Some people call it endurance or perseverance. I dislike those words so I’m sticking with obedience. Sometimes we want to hit fast forward and reach the prestige, the success, the not so difficult times, but here’s the thing; wanting out too early simply messes up the plan God has put in place for our lives. Remember Esther, who we all know as Queen Esther?

She was an orphan and born a Jew at a time when Jews were being killed, but by seeking God’s wisdom and applying it to a tough situation, she was recognized as a wise authority and was crowned Queen. Looking for the easy way out – (of a financial situation, out of a relationship, out of a job, heck even out Nigeria,) – when things are hard eliminates the growth, discipline learnings that we experience if we stay the course. Trust me, I have learned this very well. God has a sense of humor and he always laughs last.

As women, we are placed here to be a beacon of light, to succeed where others have fallen and to hold a lamp out to guide others to join in. International women’s day to me means celebrating those women who have gone before me, those who currently journey with me & those who will go after me. You all inspire me to be all that God has called me to be. Happy International Women’s day Queens!

Dami Odufuwa

Editor-in-Chief of Konbini Nigeria

I celebrate being a black woman every day, through my work in media and in my personal life, but IWD is extra special because the love, celebration, and respect for women is heightened on that day and throughout the month of March.

I love seeing women cheer themselves on, support each other and call out gender issues.

This year’s theme is #BalanceForBetter and calls for gender balance in all industries and in government. So ladies this IWD ask your boss for a pay rise!

Now, your turn!

What does International Women’s Day mean to You?