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The fashion industry is a dynamic and ever-changing landscape, driven by trends, creativity, and innovation. However, the rapid pace of change and the rise of online shopping have also created new challenges for consumers and businesses alike. One of the most common issues faced by fashion consumers is the ‘What I Ordered vs. What I Got’ problem, where the product received does not match the online description or photo. This not only creates frustration and disappointment for consumers but can also result in financial losses and damage to the brand’s reputation.

In this live conversation, we will explore the legal implications of the ‘What I Ordered vs. What I Got’ issue and other related challenges in the fashion industry. We will hear from experts in fashion law and consumer protection, who will share their insights on the laws and regulations that protect consumers from fraudulent advertising and misrepresentation of products, as well as the responsibilities of online retailers and fashion brands in ensuring accurate product descriptions and customer satisfaction.

The conversation will also delve into the legal aspects of intellectual property in fashion, including trademarks, copyrights, and patents, and how they impact the design and production of fashion products. We will explore the challenges and opportunities that arise from the intersection of creativity and legal requirements, as well as emerging trends and technologies that could help to address these issues.

Meet The Speakers

Annie Oti

Annie Oti is a Barrister & Solicitor of The Supreme Court of Nigeria and the Founder of The Africa Fashion Law. She is a member of the International Fashion Law Association (INFLAA) and a member of the Nigerian Bar Association.

Throughout her career, Annie has focused on building the creative economy by providing legal support to fashion creatives through the Africa Fashion Law. She has extensive experience in all areas of fashion law, such as laws relating to multinationals, small and medium-sized enterprises, and creatives.

She specializes in business structuring, brand protection, negotiating and drafting intellectual property licensing, merchandising, franchising agreements and transactions.

She was recognized by The Fashion Law Institute in Turkey in 2019 as the Most Influential Fashion Lawyer in Africa.

Mally Mbamalu

Mally Mbamalu is a Law Graduate from the University of Sussex, United Kingdom and She is a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria and a member of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA).

Mally is the Marketing Manager at The Africa Fashion Law. She is also a Legal Associate at Jumbo Chambers with active legal practice experience in Litigation and general legal advisory services. She is a solution-driven legal professional with strong interests in Intellectual Property, Fashion Law and Corporate practice.

She has had the opportunity to speak at the inauguration of the trainees at The GMYT Academy and also at The Africa Creative Market.

Ayodele Adetimehin

Ayodele Adetimehin is the Founder and Creative Director of AyodeleJayne Lagos, a female RTW fashion brand. She holds a BSc in Sociology and an MBA from Business School Netherlands. A fashion enthusiast who saw her interests transition from personal shopping services while working in the financial services industry to starting her own fashion label about 5 years ago.


Don’t Miss Exploring Fashion Law & Addressing the “What I Ordered vs What I Got” Issue
Date: 19th, March 2023
Time: 5 PM WAT
Venue: @bellanaijastyle’s Instagram LIVE

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