What: Natural Girl Wigs is a brand of natural hair textured Wigs, Extensions, Clip Ins, Crotchet and Ponytails that give you major versatility in styling your natural hair at whatever length or texture. We are particularly loving the ‘Toke‘ wig as pictured above.

Why:  Time saving, natural looking and pocket friendly. What’s not to love?

BNS Verdict: Perfect for when you need a little extra ‘zhuzjh’ as you grow out your hair post ‘big chop’ or you want to try a completely new look, natural extensions will help you embrace your natural texture while making it way easier to wear certain styles that may be out of reach due to your current hair length.  From full on wigs, to extensions and time saving clip-ins, Natural Girl Wigs is the plug  you need to look like your very best self in 2019.

Star rating: ****

Natural Girl Wigs Toke Wig  N 16,000 , available at Natural Girl Wigs