Contemporary Nigerian fashion brand BITTANY is set to showcase their latest collection tagged KÌÍSHÁ on Oct 28th on the prestigious runway of African Fashion Week London!

KÌÍSHÁ follows in the footsteps of BITTANY’s previous triumph of “ARÁBÁMBÍ”, which paid homage to the essence of kindred with Yoruba origin as well and left a lasting imprint on fashion enthusiasts when it made its captivating debut at the Afro Show UK runway.

According to the statement of the brand:

The name “KÌÍSHÁ” holds deep significance, intertwined with love and culture, drawing inspiration from the founder’s faith and love journey. “Ifeoluwakiisha” or “Ifetikiisha” encapsulate the essence of enduring love, akin to God’s eternal love.

The “KIISHA” collection features eight thoughtfully crafted ensembles for both men and women, designed to cater to contemporary and traditional preferences. It harmoniously combines traditional Nigerian textiles with lavish embellishments, offering a timeless style that defies seasonal trends.

BITTANY proudly celebrates its Nigerian heritage, wearing it as a symbol of honour, and highlighting the opulence, boldness, and adaptability of African culture. The brand lives by the mantra “Be unapologetically unique,” reflecting its commitment to empowering people to fully embrace and express their individual styles.

Explore BITTANY’s timeless looks and accessories, where the graceful fusion of aso-oke, adire, and Ankara fabrics takes centre stage.