Bikiya Graham Douglas was in Zanzibar recentky as an honored guest of the Zanzibar International Film Festival. Check out her style diary, a cute mix of work and fun in the gorgeous African archipelago.

Last night was simply amazing. The people of #Zanzibar welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like one of them. Such an honour to be here representing #Nigeria #Nollywood The power of creativity cannot be underestimated and I must say I was proud last night being Nigerian. All talk was about our Films, TV and Music, many opportunities and possibilities. May we continue to break boundaries and spread the gospel of #Naija in Jesus name. Amen. Thanks for having me @zanzibarinternationalfilmfest and for making me feel so special ?I’m truly humbled by the recognition and honour. @osuareng this dress??and @aboutthatcurvylife thanks for bringing it all together and making me look so beautiful. 

Day 2. @zanzibarinternationalfilmfest 2018 it has been so much fun so far. I attended the #Dhowrace and was taught how to drink coconut water without a straw which signifies my final induction as a daughter of Zanzibar ???? I judged a dance competition for Children, hung out #JackyIddo and his wonderful sons, got my feet in the water and discussed collaborative opportunities for the creative industry with the gracious Zanzibar Minister of Information, Broadcasting, Tourism and Heritage #MahmoudThabitKombo. None of this flexing would have been possible without my @ituenbasi Dress it just blended with the Sun, Sand, Sea and made me feel like a Queen that I am? I’m living, learning, laughing, and loving

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