Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Irrespective of whether you celebrate with friends or your partner or even alone. This romantic day is the perfect excuse to dust off makeup bags and get all dolled up.

There are so many ways your makeup can make a statement that even Cupid would envy. Dewy, highlighted skin, red lips, and even lilac eyeshadow are great options.

Check out our list of gorgeous makeup looks for Valentine’s Day that you’ll instantly love

Soft Glam

A soft glam look cannot go unnoticed. Everything we see here is incredible, from eyes to lip colour. Add a simple cut crease to your eyes and just enough blush to your cheeks to create a look you’ll want to wear over and over again, no matter the occasion.

Lilac Lids

Create a dreamy Valentine’s makeup look with a gorgeous lilac shadow. Need we say more? It’s a look that speaks for itself and pairs well with glossy lips and natural skin.

Subtle Sultry

The perfect recipe for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day could be soft smokey eyes and nude lips. And, pro tip: don’t be afraid to accentuate with highlighters if you want a show-stopper look.


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Bold Red Lips 

Take your beauty game to the next level this Valentine’s Day, and let your lips do all the talking. With a perfect royal red pout as gorgeous as this one, you won’t need to do much else to turn heads.


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Natural Glam

With natural skin and a hint of liquid liner, this look proves you don’t need to go overboard for Valentine’s Day to stand out. A well-defined brow and a glossy lip perfectly complement the eyeliner, tying the whole look together.

Monochromatic Glam

If you’re looking for an extra bit of drama, try a monochromatic glam. There is nothing wrong with doubling up on one gorgeous shade.


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Ombré Eyes

Here’s a gradient option to amp up your eyeshadow game. When creating this effect, choose colours that complement one another but contrast your eyes to make them stand out.

Negative Space 

If you want to dip your toe back into the pool of fierce, high-octane makeup, reach for your trusty black eyeliner (or a thin liner brush) and create a winged, negative-space liner look.


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