Looking back on the year 2023, we can agree it was a pretty eventful year considering the makeup and beauty trends that rocked the period. From glossy cocoa-lined lips to glazed blushes, these trends went a long way in shaping beauty enthusiasts’ choices and setting the stage for new definitions of glam and creativity, expressed in the variety of lewks served by those who embodied the art.

Can you tell what trends will rock 2024? See our editors’ forecasts for the new year below:

1. Minimal Makeup

The recent focus on natural beauty and minimal makeup looks will likely persist this year, emphasizing great skincare over heavy makeup, with a preference for lighter, breathable products that enhance natural features. Balletcore glam featuring sleek updos and Clean-girl aesthetics isn’t going away anytime soon. We will see more blurred lips, subtle tones, and “No makeup” makeup in 2024.

Team Natural is taking the industry by storm, showcasing enhanced natural looks with makeup artistry techniques that avoid altering greatly, the subject’s natural features. The trend is perfect for many who don’t want to pile on several layers of makeup. Simplicity seems to be winning the era.

2. C-sculpt Blush

Post Barbie the movie release, this blush application technique has been widely accepted by Bellas who love a sculpted visage and more defined cheekbones. Applying the blush on/above the cheekbones and unto the temples/eyelids in a C-shaped outline known as ‘draping’ does the trick, giving a lifted and fresh outlook.

It is a great way to enhance the facial bone structure seamlessly even without adding any contouring products. Choose a blush with brown undertones for best results.

3. Bangs/Fringes

From ancient Egypt to the modern day, Bangs have rocked our world and may be making a stronger statement this year with side sweeps, ombre tones and varied thickness.

4. Short Hair

Contrary to the conventional long human hair trend, some fashionistas are revolting with shorter lengths and own hair. Perhaps due to the stiff economic climate or a taste for difference, more Bellas will rock their natural hair in short lengths: permed, stretched, unprocessed, even buzz cuts and skin cuts; giving an edgy and intense aura to their personality.


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5. Beauty & Wellness Convergence

Beauty and wellness are becoming increasingly interconnected. Products that promote overall well-being, such as skincare infused with adaptogens or stress-relief properties, might become more popular this year. We expect to see more partnerships between the pharmaceutical and beauty industries as well as innovative, lasting and ethical solutions to age-long beauty concerns.

6. Chrome Nails

In the previous year, we saw a whole lot of creativity with nail artistry. From transparent waxed nails to stone studded nails and so much more. But it was only the beginning as there’s more where they came from. A lot of A-list events are graced with stars who employ this fashion tip to create colour blends and matching effects between their dresses and their nails.

7. Pops of Colour/Dopamine Beauty 

Dopamine beauty will likely continue to brighten the clime with pops of colour, embracing bold, warm and endearing shades that thrill. Characterized by radiant eye shadows, graphic liners and lippies, the rainbow is the colour palette for this trend.