Fashion doll manufacturing company Barbie has launched its latest collection in partnership with renowned South African designer Gert-Johan Coetzee. This very welcome initiative by the brand is a nod to diversity in all sectors of the fashion industry. For this collection tagged “Barbie Loves Gert“, Gert has designed new ready-to-wear fashion pieces and couture gowns based on the world’s most popular fashion doll and Mzansi heritage.


The designer announced this collaboration on his Instagram page saying:

The Barbie collection was inspired by the diversity of South Africa. Barbie has collaborated with designers many times but I really wanted the African interpretation to stand out. When people look at the collaboration from around the world they must really feel inspired by the diversity of Africa, the richness of our culture, and the beauty of our men and women.

From staple logo t-shirts and Barbie-inspired bodysuits to more glamourous by-order-only wardrobe must-haves, the 31 pieces collection boosts everything – yes, including sandals and sneakers.

According to the brand,

Inspired by South Africa and designed by Gert-Johan Coetzee, the collection includes 31 looks that are immediately recognizable as creations by this established and celebrated local designer.

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