Banke Kuku, the visionary Nigerian fashion designer, debuted her latest Spring/Summer 2024 collection, ‘EDEN,’ on October 21, 2023, in Victoria Island, Lagos. This marks a significant evolution for the brand, emphasizing craftsmanship while injecting fresh vitality into the mainline through innovative seasonal prints.

Inspired by Banke’s near-meditative morning strolls that transport her to tranquil EDEN-like gardens, the collection introduces a rich array of prints inspired by Lagos’ breathtaking fauna and flora, expanding the already vibrant print library.

EDEN embraces classic silhouettes that gracefully enhance the female form. The collection features an array of styles, ranging from elegant gowns with draped capes to laid-back blouses and elasticated trousers crafted from luxurious silk. Additionally, the collection introduces a new series of kaftans, a signature element of the brand, each piece adorned with exclusive prints created by Banke Kuku. For men, the collection prioritizes effortless styling, seamlessly pairing button-down shirts with coordinating trousers for a sophisticated and refined aesthetic. ‘EDEN’ represents a harmonious blend of nature-inspired prints and impeccable craftsmanship, setting a new standard for Banke Kuku’s artistic vision.

According to the brand’s statement:

Nature is a recurrent theme both in the print and collection designs intertwined with the impact work Banke Kuku continues to be involved in. Our platform ‘Prints for Purpose’ supports local causes such as the Nigerian Conservation Foundation, providing donations to help preserve natural wildlife in Nigeria. The EDEN collection manifests this passion for the outdoors dreamy and scenic collection with silhouettes reflecting the key essence of the brand’s Occasion Loungewear, delivered this season with an ethereal twist.

Lagos has become a fertile fashion hub where “Creativity is Currency”, according to Banke, who frequently collaborates with musicians, contemporary artists and designers to help propagate this creative fertility onto the international scene. The prints tell captivating tales of the plants and animals hailing from our home, Nigeria. Hummingbirds whispering to Bougainvillea. Ladybirds amid Nigeria’s national flower–the yellow Trumpet. Our new signature monogram in colours are inspired by natural elements–earth, water, fire and air.

See the collection below.