Travel and lifestyle vlogger Lydia Dinga recently took a trip to Bali and it looked pretty fun! And as usual Lydia shared her adventures with us in her latest vlog.


On her Instagram she said:

BALI VLOG WE LIVE BABYYYY! Okay so 3 things: 1. Half of this vlog Bby C And I congratulating each other for the fact that we made if from point A to point B. We had NO clue what we were doing for the entire trip, yet it has to be one of my favorite adventures so far! 2. Can someone count the number of cocktails we had in this vlog? 3. Currently running a 24hr giveaway on my Instagram, be sure to check on my last IG post for the rules! Giveaway ends on 11th December at 14:00 GMT! (3.5) Thanks so much for watching, really looking forward to all your comments!