The Bearded Genius brand has released its Asiko 5 fashion campaign – a capsule collection that utilizes fragments of Nigerian culture juxtaposing them with style cues synonymous with global streetwear culture.

According to the brand:

The Bearded Genius brand has always been the expression of individuality and exploration of ideas that highlight and expand on the collective Nigerian experience. Eschewing the concept of “seasons” and opting for time, the brand has always pushed for a timeless aesthetic with elements of current trends. The Asiko 5 fashion campaign utilizes brilliant fragments of Nigerian culture by juxtaposing them with style cues synonymous with global streetwear culture. Displayed through a series of images styled by The Style Infidel as well as a dynamic fashion film, the clothes spotlight a refreshing youth culture.

Unlike previous collections in the Asiko series, Bearded Genius fostered collaborations with fellow contemporary fashion voices like Fadekemi Tejuoso, Mr. Garbe and Rilwan Bawa. The clothes have vibrant and earthy tones, colors that are in tune with nature.

Teni describes the clothes as a “…fusion of traditional elements with modern techniques.” This can be seen in the way isi-agu prints are reworked into modern silhouettes, resulting in super cool shirt and short sets. The hand-dyed adire fabric was made into jackets with print designs done in collaboration with Mr Garbe. Elsewhere, aso-oke was seamlessly blended with cotton.

Some of the designs sport the lifestyle and mood of modern Nigerian culture as well, like the super cool spin on NYSC regalia worn by Alani in the fashion film. There’s a beautiful synergy amongst the collaborators as well, from the very retro and nostalgic leanings of Rilwan Bawa to Mr Garbe’s hippie bohemian-style stance shown in the graphic tees which highlight imagery relating to Nigeria’s history.

Watch the campaign video below