Renowned makeup artist Ara By Laide has just released a new editorial inspired by frost and ice. The makeup artist plays with bright colours and an overall subtle look for the shoot.

According to the release:

The beauty world in Nigeria is evolving and we decided to create something magical and different and think out of the box making the shoot futuristic and the muse still looking beautiful with less or no makeup that gives a frosty pale effect.

The shoot is inspired by frost and ice, we decided to look at beauty in another angle using elements like smoke, ice, nylons, flowers.

Photography: @tim_mcbaj
Videography: @tim_mcbaj
Muse: @sophiealakija
Set background: @_sdcreations
Makeup: @arabylaide
Hair: @amuzatfatimah
Creative direction: @arabylaide
Headpiece: @sissyremicouture
Outfit by : @_itsgina1 @_gcstyles