The annual AO International Tradeshow was held from the 22nd to the 24th of October this year with workshops, exhibitions, and runway shows from fast-rising Angolan designers. The 3-day event is positioned to provide a platform to promote and celebrate the diverse talent in Angola’s fashion industry.


Wan Kiamy

Authentic, sophisticated, and timeless, Wan Kiamy is presenting a new approach to fashion accessories by celebrating the power of the African culture. Founded by Angolan fashion designer Welwitschia Neto, the fashion accessory brand captures the essence of colors, shapes, and patterns of this continent, along with the travels and experiences of the designer, graduated in Europe. Since its launch in 2016, the brand seeks to develop striking, original, and surprising pieces, that tell a story and, at the same time, are part of the best memories of those who wear them. To achieve this, every moment of creation is key, from the idea, to design to the production, mostly handmade, but keeping the standards of high quality high.

See the full runway show below

Photography @ivan_cafe_lopes_photographer