This new series is a celebration of Ankara – a fashion staple that remains a constant in our wardrobes, despite fashion’s revolving door of trends. Every week we will share the most fabulous styles we spot to celebrate the creativity of these stylish folk we feature, inspire your next look and for your viewing pleasure.

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This is an x Collab.


This print mixing is simply everything.


The stunning details on this dress and the color make it a wardrobe must-have.


From the shoes to the bag to the crop shirt, this entire fit is simply the bomb.


Talk about a simple Ankara dress that attracts attention without being too dramatic!

@pritisholz in @amazoure

These sleeves have us going ‘okurrrr‘! We love drama when it comes in the form of these very stylish exaggerated sleeves.


The bow details and the print of this dress and the silhouette it creates are what sold us on this dress.


This Ankara kimono look is one we are definitely recreating ASAP.

@mariipvzz in @grass_fields

We keep saying this and we will say it one more time – sneakers were made for Ankara dresses and this look just reminded us of that fact.

@berbiedoll in @jane.uati

Everything about this fit is a YES especially the print and all the drama she has going on with her sleeves.

@kie_kie__ in @accostcion

Ankara dresses are ever so fabulous and this dress just proved that point.

@mariipvzz in @grass_fields

This would make a great addition to the wardrobe of a fashionable working class woman because the boss lady vibes it is giving us is unreal.


Sometimes simplicity is your best option and this is one of those times and she definitely nailed it.


Black love is beautiful and it is even more beautiful the people in love are especially stylish and that is the case here.


This dress had our jaws on the floor and had us bookmarking it for next year’s valentine.

@kat_nono1 in @khosikosi

From the accessories to the shoes and to the dress, she definitely killed this look.


This is quite the ultimate workwear chic Ankara look and honestly, we stan it!


We dig her shoes just as much as we dig her skirt and we can see ourselves in them.


Colorful ankara against black skin is criminally underrated but we definitely live for it!


A simple Ankara dress perfect for a girls night out!


We are rounding up this issue of AnkaraStylesWeLove with this piece which we think is a wardrobe essential for every fashion girl.