There are surplus reasons as to why the hairline recedes, from constant manipulation of the hair with protective hairstyles such as wigs, weaves and braids to the trendy laid edges or baby hair, and so much more. If you’re not suffering from a medical condition or haven’t hit menopause, there is a high chance that you are over-working your hair follicles with constant manipulation or super-tight hairdos.

This means you need to take extra care when you wash, moisturize, deep condition, and style your natural hair and let’s not forget a proper diet. So if you want to grow back your edges or you just need tips on maintaining a healthy hairline, beauty Youtuber Angelica Bee is your plug.

On her channel, she shared:

In this video, I share how to grow edges back fast and focus on how to ACTUALLY grow your edges back fast but also how to grow your hairline back fast. I am going to give you five different tips on how to grow your edges back.

This will work whether you have natural or relaxed hair and will give you 5 different ways you can grow your edges back fast. If wigs and braids have given you traction alopecia, this video will give you my favourite tips to help you grow edges back. If you would like to grow your edges back fast with these 5 simple tips, watch till the end.

Watch the video below.