Dry, rough ends are the culprit to breakage, splits and thinning ends. Your ends need extra love and care for length retention and overall health- the baggy method is the way to go.

Zambian beauty Youtuber Angelica Bee has a new tutorial on her channel where she gives tips and tricks that can help keep your ends hydrated and in tiptop shape.

On her channel, she shared:

Hey loves! Today, I will be showing you how I do the baggy method on my dry ends and how you can do the baggy method or ‘baggie method’ on your hair too. I used to do the baggy method on my hair when it was relaxed years ago, but I totally forgot about it until I saw @ulovemegs talk about it recently. I started doing this again after seeing the video, and it has reminded me how much I loved the baggy method. Enjoy!

Watch the full video below!