Following his editorial with Moyo By Bibi earlier this year, Trevor Stuurman was one of five artists profiled by i-D on their response to Black Panther

According to I-D, ‘

Given the cultural significance of Black Panther and the universe it inhabits, we asked five visual artists to respond to the film and its themes through art and photography…..capturing the spirit and energy of Marvel’s Black Panther, five accomplished multi-disciplinary artists create unique work that interprets, reimagines and celebrates the afrofuturistic themes of the film, and share the inspirations behind their pieces.’

Check out Trevor’s take below:

Honored to have have been commissioned by @disneystudios for @blackpanther. It’s inspiring to be part of a historical project that champions authentic African narratives. The fictional nation of Wakanda (home to superheroes) and a brand new Africa dominated our brainstorming discussions for this Black Panther shoot. There was an opportunity to explore and celebrate two things I strongly believe: The power of women in our continent’s history. Truth is, women are not given the credit they deserve for the role they continue to play in advancing Africa. Since time immemorial to the present, from the southern tip to the most northern part of our continent, countless women have been performing superhero feats to keep Africa’s fires burning. In the same breath, the future is female. Africa is full of inspiration and I believe it is definitely the future. There is magic at every corner and it is safe to say the continent is a fervent creative furnace. The result is a reimagination of a future Africa where Africans, specifically women, rule. And who better to help bring this vision to life than my muse, Manthe! The orange batik fabric is a representation of the fire that Africa and Africans are and the silhouette of Manthe’s dress is representative of a volcano. This reinforces the idea of Africa being on fire and being the fire. Client: @marvelstudios + @disneystudios | PR Agency: DDA Group Photography: @regular_obby Costume Design: Trevor Stuurman + @manthe.ribane Creative Direction: Trevor Stuurman | Management: @2mellow_ #StuurmanXBlackPanther

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From Africa to the world. | ?: @regular_obby @manthe.ribane #stuurmanxblackpanther

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