Rocking short twist comes with many advantages, it is utterly stylish, convenient for different occasions, stimulates new hair growth, and most of all short twist suits all face shapes.

If you are looking for ways to change up your look while rocking this hairstyle, beauty YouTuber Adanna Madueke recently shared a tutorial on the 11 ways to style your short twist.

She wrote on her channel:

In today’s video, I show you 11 ways to style your short fluffy mini twist on one of my fave short twist protective styles to date. These 11 ways to style your short twist will be encompassing some very quick and easy hairstyles yet versatile that you could wear for your day to day activities.

Super, natural, flawless and elegant hairstyles that you could also rock on your spring twist, Marley twist, kinky twist, passion twist, mini twist and even braids. I hope y’all find these 11 quick and easy short twist hairstyles helpful.


Watch the tutorial below.