Love is in the air, are you celebrating?

Hey lovers,

Imagine walking into a clean house courtesy of boo on Valentine’s Day. No, he didn’t hire a cleaning service, he tidied and re-organized the entire space by himself, transforming your home into a sanctuary of love and comfort.

The house is sparkling clean, the aroma of a delicious meal wafts through the air, fresh bedding awaits your skin, and a bouquet of your favourite flowers is thoughtfully set on the table. Would it matter, would that be enough to say Happy Valentine’s Day?

South African content creator Sabelo Elkah Hadebe had us hooked on this vlog of him getting some house chores done… Who doesn’t like a clean man who cleans house? Hit the ▶ button below to watch:

Sometimes, what love needs is a thoughtful act of service.

Credit: @sabelo_the_kreator