Kenyan model, lifestyle and fashion influencer Achieng Agutu, makes her mark on Sports Illustrated as a 2024 SI Swimsuit Rookie for its 60th-anniversary issue

It feels really crazy that I am here, I feel like I need to pinch myself. I love everything about my body and about my skin, I don’t think I can pick one thing because it would be unfair to every other part of my body that I have worked so hard to love. Right now I am obsessed with my soul and I feel like I have done so much work to get myself there and heal myself. So right now, I wouldn’t say it is a physical thing because I am already so obsessed with myself.

Achieng Agutu

“Achieng Agutu, also known as ‘The Confidence Queen,’ embodies the spirit of empowerment and self-love,” MJ Day, SI Swimsuit editor-in-chief, says. “Her relentless advocacy for body positivity and dedication to spreading words of motivation and daily affirmations make her an exceptional addition to our 2024 rookie lineup.”

Achieng is known for her short clips that spread positivity, empower and boost her viewers’ self-confidence.

My story is being told on this platform, [and] it’s so reassuring to me that my story is worthy of being listened to and celebrated

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Talent: @noordinarynoire

Photographer: @yutsai88 @yutsaiphoto

Editor in chief: @mj_day

Makeup: @jodieboland

Fashion Editor: @margotzamet

Fashion Assistant: @lizwentworth

Production: @cindiblairproductions @turksandcaicosproductions

PR: @sevaneveritt

Location: @visitcancun @mexican.caribbean @goquintanaroo @gopuertomorelos

Swimsuit: @analinawoman