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Nigerian documentary filmmaker Tayo Aina spent a day with Nigerian-American IT girl, entrepreneur and beauty influencer Jackie Aina at her 6 million dollar mansion located in Los Angeles, California. This fabulous piece of architecture serves as Jackie’s house, studio and office.

Tayo toured Jackie’s home as she broke down her inspiring journey to success, how she started her thriving YouTube channel, co-founded the lifestyle company Forvr Mood, how she is navigating life as a dark-skinned entrepreneur in America, and her plans for the future. Jackie also shared her conviction about the power of networking. making genuine connections and collaborations.

According to Tayo, Jackie Aina has built one of the biggest online empires in the beauty and fashion industry. She is currently one of the most prominent black creators across social media. Her story is shared to inspire and teach entrepreneurs a thing or two about building a successful business, so watch this to the end:

Credit: Tayo Aina