Lawyer, social entrepreneur and wife of the current ruler of the Kingdom of Warri, Olori Atuwatse III, aka Olori Aiyivieruewinoya Ivie Emiko-Atuwatse, has been on our radar for a while now for her captivating beauty and signature sartorial choices, consisting of a turban paired perfectly with a matching look.

Turbans are not just fashion accessories; they are an avenue for you to showcase your unique personality and style. They have the power to make you stand out from the crowd and add a vibrant touch to your outfits. Think beyond the ordinary and embrace bold prints, accessories and timeless solid colours.

If you’re constantly on the hunt for the perfect turban pairing for every occasion, look no further! Queen Of The Warri Kingdom has got you covered with an array of stylish turban inspirations.

Classic Sophistication

Opt for a sleek, solid-coloured turban with impeccable draping, elevating your look to an unparalleled level of sophistication. Ideal for formal events or stylish evenings out.

Glamorous Embellishments

Add a touch of glamour with embellished turbans featuring sequins, beads, or rhinestones. Let your headwrap become the centrepiece of your ensemble and shine like a star!

Monochrome Magic

Go for a monochromatic turban ensemble, where your headwrap beautifully matches your outfit, creating a seamless and fashion-forward appearance. Minimalistic yet striking.

Corporate Affair

Elevate your corporate style with a turban that perfectly matches your professional ensemble. Whether you’re heading to a business meeting or a formal event, a coordinated turban can add a touch of sophistication and individuality to your corporate look. Opt for a turban in a complementary colour or pattern that seamlessly complements your outfit.

Elegant Lace 

Enhance your elegance with a lace turban that exudes grace and sophistication. A lace turban adds a touch of delicacy and intricacy to your outfit, elevating your overall look. Choose a lace turban in a colour that complements your ensemble and let its intricate beauty become the centrepiece of your attire, leaving a lasting impression.

Stylish Harmony

Whether it’s pairing a bold pink turban with a lively floral dress or a chic red turban with a striking geometric pattern, the juxtaposition of solid and print creates a captivating visual impact.

Print Perfection

Embrace the power of coordination as you elevate your style with a captivating print turban that harmonizes with the patterns and colours of your ensemble.


Makeup: @ronaldthe7th

Photography: @bighstudio