Day after day, we hear about sustainability, and for anyone passionate about the planet or employed in the fashion industry, this word has become part of everyday life. There’s so much information out there. And let’s be honest, it’s hard to find reliable and accurate information from credible sources on the vast world wide web.

However, it is not always easy to find sustainable products and sometimes it is difficult to understand the “level” of ethics of the brand or even the best-known sustainable brands that are not overly pricy. 

However, this does not mean that there is not enough supply. The sustainable fashion market is growing fast, and you can find practically everything.

So how can we understand sustainable practices, and where do you find the right products? We have selected six African sustainable African fashion accounts that answer these questions.

Wardrobe Merchant

Led by Obiamaka Oragwu alias Obis Ora, Wardrobe Merchant is one of  Nigeria’s foremost declutter and resale platforms where anyone can declutter and turn high-quality items in their wardrobes or store to cash for immediate needs, paving the way for a circular, inclusive, sustainable future for fashion.


FRUGIRLS is an online thrift and consignment platform designed for girls who live and shop sustainably. The brand’s ethos focuses on building a sustainable future through fashion for Africa. With their platform, they hope to dismantle false stereotypes, shape positive mindsets and inspire a new generation of shoppers in Africa to a more sustainable approach towards the circular practice of thrift.

The Luxury Resale Emporium

 If you wish to invest in luxury items and keep your carbon footprint at bay, “The Luxury Resale Emporium” is the platform to visit. The brand celebrates the luxury resale industry in Nigeria with a focus on circular fashion and sustainability. 

Oluwaseun of @the_oluwaseun

Oluwaseun is a London-based art director who encourages us to be creative with our style. She shares thrift guides and the stories behind her vintage pieces while exploring conscious style alternatives like clothing rental, all while re-styling her wardrobe and inspiring us to do the same with her impeccably structured outfits.

Samata Pattinson

British-born Ghanaian fashion entrepreneur Samata Pattinson has an Instagram account that blends sustainability with high fashion. Not only will you fall in love with all the gorgeous pieces she wears, but you will also be able to read lots of her thought-provoking writing. It’s a feast for your eyes, mind and soul.


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Masego Morgan

Sustainable and ethical fashion influencer Masego Morgan is a perfect fusion of her Japanese and South African heritages. Masego doesn’t shy away from topics like race, inclusivity, and environmental impacts. Her approach to sustainable fashion is also naturally unique. On her page, you can also open your eyes to sustainable practices using traditional Japanese methods, such as patchwork and natural dyeing.