Stuck in a makeup rut?

That can be hellish – especially when you’ve got a ‘hot date’. Daily makeup looks tend to be pretty straightforward – Work? Matte skin and a neutral lip for sure. Maybe a pop of a power red. Girls night? Glowy no makeup makeup. Date night however – is dependent on so many variables. Where are you going? How do you feel? What are you wearing? First dates are different from third. And this is of course all dependent on our natural inclination. Are you a low key girl or a bold BellaStylista?

Since there’s no ‘average’ date night beauty look – here is some inspiration from one of our fave celebrity makeup artists Dodos Uvieghara and some of the BellaStylista’s she’s worked on recently like Lisa Folawiyo, Peace Hyde and Veronica Odeka.

Lisa Folawiyo

If you thought smoky eyes could only work when applied in dark shades like black, blue or gray. Think again. Dodos’ worked the perfect metallic version, which has a bronze-y peach finish, finished with a feminine pinky-nude lip and super matte skin. Perfect for Lisa Folawiyo’s no-fuss style.

Mind. Blown.

Veronica Odeka

Framing her lids with dramatic lashes that really open up her eyes with lightly smudgy kohl liner on her lower lash line, this warm, just – a tiny – bit more glamorous than everyday smoky eye gets extra dimension and depth because of the boldness of the brows and the subtle pop of highlighter.

Oluwatosin Agboola

Dodo’s played up the richness of Tosin’s skin to her advantage, opting for an all over bronzy-peach on the eyelids of this melanin queen and a nudey-peach on her lips. The wash of colour really worked in tandem with her hair and we think this look would work with almost any day to night date night look, as its appropriate for both work and play.

Idia Aisien

Idia’s blonde hair was already a statement, so Dodos’ let it take centre stage with this subtle makeup look. A natural brow, wispy lashes and a pink pout kept the look clean and streamlined.

Peace Hyde

A classic smoky eye with a glittery twist. With black shadow smudged to frame top and bottom, plus plenty of dark glitter, this look is the perfect marriage of the  cat-eyes and a classic smoky eye. The result? Major definition and a focus on Peace Hyde’s captivating stare. Paired with thick lashes and natural pink lips, this smoldering look becomes quietly fierce.

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