BNS Columnist and contributor Latasha Ngwube chats to Chef Alex, chef-proprietor of XO Bakery

BNS: How do you keep calm before an event ?

I listen to my kitchen playlist! I’m naturally cool under pressure and I think you have to be in order to be a successful chef, there’s always so much pressure!!!

BNS: 3 Songs from that kitchen playlist?

Dvorak‘s Symphony From The New World, Mi Casa, and Black Coffee

BNS: Signature pre event prep?

I always wake up early on the day of a big event! I start early so I but myself enough time to keep cool and just vibe through the day. I ALWAYS wear my lucky chef’s jacket, and drink lots of water throughout the day.

BNS: Favorite no stress meal

Definitely a frittata! I love to use whole cherry/grape tomatoes, Romano peppers and onions!! Serve with a slice of sourdough or panini, it’s so yum!!