While 2020 was a tough year for many of us, we were given a rare moment to focus on our personal style and were encouraged to step back to concentrate on the little things that ignite happiness, whatever that may be; binging on K-dramas or trying out TikTok challenges. Now 2021 especially signifies a fresh start and let’s be honest it feels good to set a high bar but you may be setting yourself up for failure if they aren’t practical.

On the fashion front, last year opened our eyes to the possibilities of buying more sensibly, making the most of our wardrobes, and really taking into account the processes behind our purchases. This year is the perfect time to truly imbibe those mentality changes not for right now, but for a better future.

We talked to four of our favourite millennial stars to get a take on how their personal style and lifestyle choices will look in 2021.

Environmentally Friendly Fashion

– Rio Paul


My resolutions are simply to explore more on sustainable fashion that seeks to lessen expenses and create effortless and timeless style. My purchases will be geared to pieces that are stylish even for years to come. I want to immerse more in fashion that is environmentally friendly and reusable as we know the fashion industry produces tones of waste that is why each of us can change the narrative through the little steps we take. I also want to support more local brands as African fashion is the future and only by buying made in Africa can we grow our local talents. In terms of jewellery 2021 is all about simplicity geared to timeless watches and pieces that feature African art and minerals for example in Tanzania we wear a lot of Tanzanite as it’s our national gem only found here.

2021 for me is more on healthy eating through organic produce and making more time for my fitness goals. Investing more on a healthy lifestyle has proven to positively affect my work ethic, energy and skincare.

Invest In Classic Pieces

– Aderinola Odugbesan-Thomas



First off for those who don’t know been currently been dealing with surviving COVID-19 so if I’m to share my first resolution this year, it’s to be very cautious and mask up (please everyone!). Those who are lucky enough not have caught it or have no symptoms have no idea how blessed they are.

Now my style resolutions for each year is pretty much always the same – invest in classic pieces that I can still use years from now. I’ve never really been the one to spend so much on trends because they aren’t around for a long time.

Started investing in jewellery as well which was such a huge commitment but definitely worth it, I love everything about how sexy, understated and dainty jewellery is. So if you can I’ll say that’s one investment that would always be worth every penny.

Always a pants girl, so definitely splurging on more pants this year as I can wear them everyday lol, maybe try something new with skirts and do more dresses since it’s the new year and what better time to try something new right?

Go Beyond Fashion

-Akin Faminu


My style resolution is something that goes beyond fashion, and it’s finding meaning in what I wear. If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s the importance of personal connections. Like people, clothes also have stories behind them and 2021 is a year for meaningful clothes.

Accessories Extravaganza

– Adaeze Onah


My first resolution is to invest in statement pieces. Outfits and shoes that are highly stylish yet versatile Secondly, I’ll be doing more accessories and when I say more I mean extraaaaa. Thirdly I’ll pay more attention to colour coordination. And lastly, I’ll play around with more colours on my hair and weaves. I think our hair has a way of bringing life to a whole look.